Home Security Systems Boulder CO

A choice of destination for hippies in the late 1960s, the City of Boulder is now a populated municipality in the state of Colorado. The city is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is home to thousands. Industries in the city of Boulder range from art to healthcare and from education to transportation. These have strengthened the city’s economy in recent decades. The city of Boulder ensures all residents have access to modern-day amenities and can pursue a peaceful life here.


Crime in Boulder CO

Despite being a great place to live and work, residents of Boulder are reminded to remain vigilant of possible dangers. According to the Boulder Police Department, burglaries saw an increase in 2013 whereas instances of theft and robbery declined.

To live safely in this city or any other in the US, it is recommended you install a home security system. There are many home security companies in the city of Boulder that offer effective security solutions to its residents. You can choose from a variety of security systems.

Types of Home Security Systems in Boulder CO

There are two main types of security systems:

  • Wired security systems
  • Wireless security systems

Both of these security systems work in the same manner and offer the same level of security. The system consists of various components that are connected via wires, or wireless signals if you opt for a wireless system.


Sensors and Detectors

Home security systems usually include sensors of various types. These devices use different technology to detect break-ins and intrusions. Sensors are designed for specific environments and purposes. Window and door sensors are a few of the types of sensors you could look into.

A sensor may be closed-circuit or open-circuit. In a closed circuit sensor, the circuit is closed when a door or window is shut. Every time a door opens, the flow of electricity through the circuit is disrupted which is then designed to trigger the alarm. An open circuit sensor, however, works in the opposite way. Here are a few types of motion sensors:

Passive infrared sensors – designed to detect radiation and body heat from objects in its surroundings.

Ultrasonic sensors – designed to use ultrasonic sound waves to detect movement.

Photo electric sensor – designed to use a light beam and sensor to detect an entry or a break-in.

Apart from the regular sensors you are most likely to find in a home security system. You can boost your home’s security by adding:

  • Video cameras
  • Smoke detectors
  • Earth quake and flood detectors

The control panel is designed to keep all devices synced and functioning and is considered as the brain of the system. You could manage the settings of the system and disable or enable the alarm via keypad on the control panel.

Most companies offer monitoring services to users and keep an eye on your system even when you are away. This means the company will respond to any emergency and will be notified whenever the alarm goes off. On the other hand, you can ask for remote access services as well. You will be able to manage your home security system, get live feed from the camera system, and attend to any false alarm through your smart phone.

Home security systems will protect your family from crime and other dangers. A one-time investment in a security system could go a long way in providing protection and giving you the peace of mind you and your family deserves.


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