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Home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the state of Arizona is not called “the Grand Canyon State” for nothing. With its amazing beauty and geological history, Arizona is home to more than 6 million people. Apart from sightseeing, Arizona has tons to offer such as hiking, biking and yes even cross-country skiing. But if you want to settle in its urban areas, with concerts and festivals at your doorstep, then Arizona’s metropolitan hubs such as Phoenix or Tucson would be more appealing. The state, in short, could be a dream come true for many.

There is unfortunately a “dark side” to this picture perfect state; did you know that Arizona’s crime rate as of 2013 is 3,642.3 per 100,000 people (Arizona Department of Public Safety)?

If you find it hard to believe, then you need to continue reading.

Scenic Wonder, Lurking Danger

While you may be prepared to encounter the unexpected in the great outdoors, it is the danger closer to home that you have to worry about as the crime figures from 2013 do not look good:

  • There were a total of 240,393 crimes reported; property crime, however, accounted for 89.8% of the total crime index, with one property crime taking place every 2 minutes and 25 seconds.

  • Out of a total of 45,693 burglaries, 57.1% involved forcible entries.

  • 77% of total burglars targeted residences, which accounted for the highest property loss worth $98,339,445.

  • 37.1% of residential burglaries took place during daytime, when homeowners were away.

  • There were also 1,312 incidents of arson reported. Structural buildings accounted for 32% of their targets, in which residences suffered the most with $1,651,182 worth of property damage. (Arizona Department of Public Safety)

Protect Yourself Indoors

To keep your home safe at all times, you could consider installing a home security system for round-the-clock protection.

Depending on your needs, you could get a system which is hard-wired or wireless.  The system may ether be DIY or set up by a professional; it may also be monitored.

A basic home security system usually includes the following components:

  • Door and window contacts – These are designed to set off a burglar alarm if anyone is trying to forcibly enter the premises.

  • Motion sensor – This device is designed to detect any unusual activity within its range and also prevent kids or pets from entering restricted areas.

  • Smoke detector/heat sensor – Placed high on walls or ceilings, these devices may pick up any early signs of fire and trigger an alarm so you could get out of the house in time.

  • Gas alarm/CO detector – These devices could help avoid a fatal gas explosion or CO poisoning.

  • Additional Components – Other devices may include security cameras to capture visual evidence, panic buttons to call for help in case of an emergency, etc.

There are no two ways to it; your personal safety comes first. So before you step out of that door for the adventure of a lifetime, remember that investing in a home security system could be worth every dime.

Home Alarm Systems Arizona

If you live in Arizona, or are planning to move there, one thing’s for sure: Arizona is a fine place to live in. Why do we say that? Here are a few reasons: [All Forbes’ figures]

  • The cost of doing business in the state is 1.1% less than the national average

  • Arizona is at #24 on Forbes list for Best States for Business

  • The State comes in at #1 in growth prospects

  • Home prices have declined from 20.2% in 2012 to 16.9% in 2013

  • A housing affordability score of 192 (way over the average 100) shows the increased affordability of homes in the state

So living in, or moving to Arizona, could be a wise decision indeed.

But good business and a nice house, is pointless if it isn’t safe. Are you keeping yourself and your assets safe from crime in the State? You can’t help the entire state, but you can do something to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What you need is a good home security system from a trustworthy provider. You can’t put your safety in the hands of amateurs. At the end of the day it’s the seconds and minutes that make all the difference. And essentially could be the difference between a close call and tragedy. If this is your first time selecting and installing a home security system, you need to do all the research you can and get help from reliable professionals.

Home Security Companies in Arizona

Buying a home security system can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is not ignore the obvious and not take everything at face value. Here are a couple of pointers that may help you,

  • Make a list of all the devices, sensors and detectors your house needs

  • Set a budget and make a list of companies within this budget that can provide you with the devices you need

  • Narrow down your choices. Discuss it with friends and neighbors, if it’s your first time, a security consultant could give you all the information you need. 

  • Make sure your security company is licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors

  • Since you want a company with a clean record, you can check for accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (Central, Northern and Western Arizona)

Before deciding on a company, make sure you have meetings with them so that they understand your needs and you understand all aspects of the services they provide. Checking online reviews could also help you get an idea of what customers think about a company.  Selecting an independent review site would make more sense as there is always a possibility of misleading and erroneous information in other cases. Taking precautions are just as important as getting a home security system. Make sure your property is not an open house for burglars and intruders.


Q:Is the security system in Arizona linked to a police station?

A:Most security companies in Arizona would give you the option of having your security system linked to the police. This is recommended since it substantially decreases the police response time. But this service will cost you extra. One thing you should keep in mind about linking your system to the police station is the issue involved with false alarms. False alarms use up the state's resources that could be employed elsewhere where there is an actual emergency, so if you trigger too many false alarms, you will be fined for it according to the law.

Q:Will my pet trigger a false alarm on my home security system in Arizona?

A:Alarm systems could use passive technology or perimeter technology. Passive alarms use motion sensors to detect the presence of intruders through their movements. Perimeter alarms are sensors that are fixed in your house's entrances and exit points. Pets could trigger motion-sensitive alarms by walking past them. However, there are pet friendly alarm systems available as well. For example, some alarms cover a range above a certain height and ignore movements that occur within the range.

Q:What questions should I ask a potential alarm installation company in Arizona?

A:There are various questions you could ask your home security provider. Some basic questions you should ask are: 1. Does the company have a backup system for the alarm installed in your home, and a backup power source if the power goes out? 2. Do they have their own monitoring service and device? Find out the details of this service, like what devices they use and whether there is a central monitoring station. 3. Ask how they hire and train their personnel? You should know that they've all been through a background check and have the necessary qualifications to provide you a good service. 4. What kind of technical assistance could you get with their package? 5. What happens if you move to another home?

Q:Whats the initial cost for a Wireless alarm system in Arizona?

A:Each wireless system could come with its own package and services as these systems may be upgraded and expanded later on by installing additional devices. However, initial prices may also vary from company to company as you may have to consider whether you will get the system professionally installed or DIY. The former option means the initial cost might range anywhere form $50 to $2000+. The latter option, involving a basic kit, might end up costing you around $50. The initial cost may also vary depending on the sophistication of the equipment, i.e., whether it uses high-end technology or not.

Q:Why does my alarm company keep getting false alarm letters from the phoenix police department?

A:If your company frequently gets false alarm letters from the Phoenix police department, it means that false alarms frequently occur in the alarm systems provided by the company. There could be a number of reasons for false alarms which include use of incorrect codes, failure to train users, failure to secure doors and windows before turning on the alarm, faulty equipment, and incorrect installation.

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