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Welcome to Albuquerque, the biggest city in the State of New Mexico and Neil Patrick Harris’s hometown!

Not only are you surrounded by beautiful landscapes, but the skies are also full of balloons every fall in the world’s largest international hot air balloon fiesta. The city also had the unique honor of being named the best place to retire in 2011. (Forbes)

But what you, and other homeowners, may not find is a crime-free atmosphere. In fact, Albuquerque is safer than only 4% of the cities in the U.S. (Neighborhood Scout) Shocking, isn’t it? To find out more about the dark side of this city, you may want to read the following information:

ABQ Residents Beware!

While living in Albuquerque might sound appealing, residents should know that there are about 4,713 criminal offenses per 100,000 people in this city. (Forbes)

For a more detailed breakdown, you may refer to the following statistics from 2013:

  • There was one criminal offense reported every 15 minutes and 3 seconds.

  • Often, the crimes that took place were property-related, reaching up to 32,039 offenses.

  • One robbery took place around every 8 hours and 22 minutes, while one burglary took place after every hour and 12 minutes.

  • Almost $65 million worth of goods were stolen, which included more than a million dollars’ worth of household goods.

Crime is especially prevalent in areas such as Coal Avenue, Blue Ridge Place and Montgomery Boulevard. (Spot Crime)

Home Security in Albuquerque

However, there are different methods out there that help fortify your homes and families against crime. One of the most effective solutions around happens to be setting up a home security system.

Home security systems include various sensors and contacts which, after placed in key locations, are designed to secure the area by triggering an alarm if any unusual activity is detected. These devices may then notify a monitoring service which could call you to ensure if the alarm calls for an emergency response team.

There are several things working in favor of home security systems. They may be easy to install, whether by professionals or by yourself. They come in various kinds besides a basic hard-wired system—sophisticated technology such as wireless, remote access and expandable parts may be offered, depending on the company.

An example of how useful home security systems could be is by looking at one staple alarm that is usually included: the motion alarm. Able to detect movement using passive infrared rays, anyone trespassing may be easily spotted, sending an alarm that will immediately alert you of the intruder’s presence. Not only do such devices usually work as an effective deterrent against burglars, but they may also be available in pet-friendly devices.

Make the Right Choice

Usually the hardest part about installing a home security system is figuring out which company to buy it from. Since, there are scam artists out there that may con you out of your money, you should be aware of the laws and regulations in place to help you confirm whether the company is legit or not. Basically the laws state that:

  • Every alarm system company has to get a valid Alarm Business Permit. These are issued by the False Alarm Reduction Unit of the city’s police department.

  • Alarm system companies must also have appropriate licensing from the State of New Mexico.

  • All alarm monitoring companies must also keep a written record of the date and time the system is triggered and sends a notification.

Your safety is important, so be sure never to compromise when it comes to your family’s security. Get the package that suits you and the kind of house you have. Also be sure to find out from your local police department about false alarm fines and other useful information.

So there you have it, some precautions to get yourself started. There are tons of other small yet effective ways to protect your family too, but if you look into your options, you might find that investing in home security could help make your stay secure.


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*Source: fbi.gov
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