Keypad Door Lock

Statistics show that burglars and thieves are notorious when it comes to breaking into homes through the front door. After all, it is the main point of access into your home, and if the lock is easy pickings, who is there to stop these crooks from walking right in.

A traditional door lock, which is opened with the use of a metal key, is extremely easy to pick. That’s why many home owners are starting to invest in alternatives for their front door. One such alternative is the keypad door lock.

What is a Keypad Door Lock?

A keypad door lock, just as its name implies, makes use of a keypad as opposed to a key. Users are required to set some form of a combination which opens the lock. This could be a string of numbers, letters, or a combination of the two.

How Does a Keypad Door Lock Work?

Keypad door locks employ different mechanisms than traditional locks. They are harder to break into due to the fact that only the right combination can open the door.
The internal mechanisms of a keypad door lock are created in such a way that only the input of the right combination of letters, numbers, or both, can open the door.

A keypad door lock is a type of electronic door lock. These work by making use of ‘actuators’. Actuators connect bolts, a part of the mechanism which contains the lock, to a small motor which is located inside the door. When the right combination is pressed on the keypad, an electrical impulse is triggered which causes the door to open.

Why Invest in a Keypad Door Lock?

Traditional lock and keys will soon become a relic of the past due to the fact that they can be easily exploited. Some of the reasons why you should invest in a keypad door lock include:

  • You no longer need to worry about searching for keys

  • Keys are easy to make copies of, and can get lost very easily which makes your home vulnerable

  • You can set your own unique combination for entry into your home

  • If you have guests coming over to your house, or you need to allow someone temporary access to your home, you can generate temporary codes for them

  • You can enter your home with greater ease

  • These locks are user friendly, and are great for use by kids

  • They are virtually impossible to break into

Keypad door locks are a type of electronic door locks which are starting to replace traditional locks. This is because they provide homeowners with greater protection and security. If you’re concerned about the security of your home, consider investing in an electronic keypad door lock today.

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