How to Secure Home Windows?

How to secure home windows is an important question for anyone concerned about his/her personal safety and family’s security. Burglars can be put at bay by securing home windows.   When deciding how to secure your windows, you may have a wide array of options to choose from. You can consider taking the following steps in better securing your home windows:

  • Install window locks

You can conveniently find window pin locks. This is the most basic way to secure a window. A pin lock will prevent a window from being opened fully.

  • Cover windows with protective film

You can place a protective film on your windows. This film helps prevent a glass from shattering incase a burglar tries to break through the glass window.

  • Install window bars and grills

Window bars have proved to be an effective method of security. Burglars cannot squeeze through the bars to enter your home, and many do not bother to go through the hassle of cutting them. You can opt for decorative window bars instead of the typical ones, to give your windows an appealing look.

  • Install window sensors and alarms

There are many companies providing alarms for windows and doors. You can choose from a wide variety of sensors such as surface contact sensors, vented window sensors, and glass-break detector. These devices are designed to trigger the alarm every time a window is opened or broken into. In most homes, window sensors and alarms are connected to the main security system.

By taking these steps, you can secure your windows and lower the risk of burglaries. However, the effectiveness of such security measures may vary. You can also get professional help when purchasing a security alarm. Apart from the above mentioned steps, it is advised that you lock all doors and windows when going out.



Q:How secure are wireless deadbolt locks, and which is the best one to get for your front windows?

A:Many companies offer reliable wireless deadbolt locks. However, you would need to regularly change their battery to keep them working. Besides, you need make sure that your doors do not have any installation errors, as faulty installation may leave you stranded outside your home. You can read user reviews online to select a system that will meet your needs.

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