How to Secure a French Door from Burglary

  • While French doors may add a lot to the beauty of your home, they’re not the safest and easiest to break into.  However, staying secure with them is not a problem if you know how to go about it.

  • Get locks and hinges. Make sure the hinges on your door have screws that are at least three inches long. Deadbolt locks on the doors should at least have a one inch throw. As for the type, mortise locks are considered more reliable than traditional bored locks. Look for three point locking mechanisms for French doors.

  • Apply a window security film to the glass panes of your French doors. This is a clear, polyester sheet that is applied to the inside of your doors. If a burglar tries to break in by smashing the glass of these French doors, the glass might shatter, but the film will hold out longer. This will ensure that the burglar cannot unlock the door. Repeated blows will eventually create a hole in the film, but the amount of time this will take and the noise it will cause might be enough to alert people or deter the burglar altogether.

  • Get a security system. In addition to fortifying your French doors, you are advised to invest in a home security system with door sensors, glass break sensors and shock sensors for your French door. This is the most effective way since a loud siren or blaring strobe lights are very effective burglar deterrents.

  • Install side bolts to your French doors. Side bolts, also known as flush bolts are attached to the doors that are not used for frequent entry.


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