How to Install a Security System?

Understand your security system fully before operating it. Read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that just because your security system has a lot of fancy features, you are not obligated to use them all, all the time. Just activate the ones that are necessary for your home’s defense. While unnecessary features aren’t harming anyone, they make the maintenance and operation of your system a burdensome task.


Determine where you want to put your security system’s control panel. Typically people place it next to the front or the back door. This allows them to turn on or off the alarm system when entering or leaving the house.


Place the control panel on the wall at a level that is easily accessible.  In order to ensure that the intruder doesn’t easily cut off the power supply to your alarm system,  make sure the wiring is done behind the wall and attached to an outlet on the other side of the wall.


Figure out the number of access point in your house. These will include the main doors, windows that are easily accessible from the ground, basement or the driveway. These are the places where you want to place your sensors and detectors.


Next step is the installation of the siren or strobe lights. Make sure that they are in a place that would be out of the intruder’s reach. If not, then these might be at a risk of tampering, causing them to lose their purpose.


Adding ‘extras’ around the house will fortify your security system. Extra lighting, extra secure doors, extra locks on windows and doors etc.


Before putting the security system into full use, test it to make sure it is working properly.



Q:In case when my power is cut, will my alarm system still work?

A:It is likely that your alarm system will work in case of a power outage. This is because most alarm systems have a back up battery that lasts for 4 to 6 hours without power supply. If you are not sure whether your system has a backup battery, you can ask the company's sales representatives or check the alarm system's manual.

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