How to Increase Your Home Security

  • Increase your home’s security by erecting a fence around the house and reducing the amount of bushes in your front lawn. This would allow for greater visibility in case someone approaches your house.

  • Lighting is an important security tool. Keep the outside of your house sufficiently lit and make sure your garage has a bright porch light.

  • Install extra door and window locks for added security. Dead bolt locks are considered relatively more effective.

  • Make sure you lock all doors and windows before going to bed at night and before leaving the house.

  • Get a watchdog with a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign for your yard.

  • Install sensors and detectors on all pressure points in your house. This would include all doors and windows, such as the backdoor, garage and basement doors.

  • Get yourself a set of environmental sensors. A fire alarm, gas detectors for poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and temperature alarms to detect sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels are available in the market.

  • Install CCTV cameras on the exterior of your house, especially to cover any blind spots that are not visible from the windows. Indoor surveillance cameras are also suggested, particularly for rooms where you keep valuable items.

  • Get your security system monitored. A security system would be much more efficient if there was someone who was keeping a constant look for any suspicious activity at your home. There are many security service providers that offer monitoring services for a monthly fee.

  • Get programmable lights for the indoors. These lights can be scheduled to turn on and off when you are not around. They come in handy if you are going on a vacation.

  • Assist in your neighborhood watch programs. It’s a small effort that may go a long way.

  • For your most valuable items, you are advised to get safe boxes. For added security, you can also get safe alarms, which are triggered if someone tries to forcefully open the safe.


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