How I Can Activate Driveway Alarms

What is a driveway alarm system?

With a driveway alarm system, you can find out about a potential intruder even before the intruder reaches at your window or door. The major component of a driveway alarm system is a motion detecting sensor installed at the bottom of the driveway. In case a large object crosses the motion sensor, an alert is given to the receiver located inside your home. The alert normally has a similar sound as that of a doorbell. It is designed to alert the people inside the home but it is not unpleasant to the ears. Infrared sensors are generally used in the driveway alarm systems and are very reliable. They are able to precisely detect the motion and may differentiate between actual intruders and pets.

What are the benefits of a driveway alarm?

A driveway alarm system can help you secure your house in the following ways.

  • It will alert you when someone approaches your home. You will have time to identify a potential intruder before the intruder enters inside the house.
  • If you are unable to identify the person entering your home, you can check if your door is locked and take further necessary precautions.
  • Even if the suspect means no harm, the system allows you to see the person entering your driveway before the person sees you. This will help you decide whether to let the person in or not.
  • If you are expecting guests at your home and are busy with preparations, a driveway alarm system will alert you of their arrival, even before the guests ring the doorbell. You will be able to greet your guests on time, without making them wait at the door.

What are the other uses of a driveway alarm system?

Apart from securing your driveway, you can use the system for the following purposes.
  • Monitor the entry of swimming pools
  • Keep a check on garages, outbuildings, basement entrances, patios and decks
  • In rural settings, prevent animals from entering the garden
  • Use driveway alarm system with multiple sensors to monitor different sides of your property at the same time

What's the difference between a wired and a wireless alarm system?

There are mainly two types of driveway alarm systems that are used by homeowners, wired and wireless. Both have pros and cons associated with them and therefore you should select the one that better suits your individual needs.

The wired alarm systems are considered more reliable. However, their equipment and installation is much more expensive. A trench is required to connect the wires to your home. Wired system is better for new constructions, where the walkways and yards have yet to be installed.  The wired system is also suitable for homes that have really long driveways and where it is difficult to transmit wireless signals.

On the other hand, wireless systems have some advantages as well. They can be easily installed without any complicated procedures. Plus, wireless systems are relatively more affordable, as their equipment is not that expensive. While wireless systems may face signal interference, they cannot be disrupted if the wire is cut intentionally or accidentally.

Should I install a driveway alarm system?

If you want to install a driveway alarm system, you will first need to choose between wired or wireless. Wireless systems can be installed by the homeowners without any hassle. They normally need to plug in one box in an outlet inside the house, while the other box is placed outside. When you are installing a system, you have to make sure that the outside box is not too far from the house, as it can prevent the signals from reaching inside. It is also good to have both systems in a direct line of sight. The fewer the obstructions between the boxes, the stronger will be the signals.  In case you want to install a wired driveway alarm system, you will need to seek professional help. Since wired installation is a lot more technical, it will require you to bury electrical lines and connect them to the house’s wiring.

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