How Can I Improve Wireless Security Alarm Signal

Low signal strength and poor connectivity are two most common complaints received from households with wireless security systems.  There may be many reasons why your wireless alarm system isn’t functioning as it should, and bad signal reception may be one of the reasons. You can improve the signal strength in the following ways:

Get a Signal Booster or Repeater

A signal booster is a device that amplifies wireless signals and increases strength. There are many different types of signals boosters available. You can get one that is compatible with your home security system and has sufficient frequency range. Such devices are relatively easy to install as most are plug and play.

Remove range limiting factors

There are certain objects and materials that may limit and deteriorate the strength of wireless signals. For example, wood, concrete, cinder blocks all significantly reduce signal strength. Wireless signals when passing through an object can scatter, reflect, and refract. It is important that you remove such materials between the alarm and the receiver.

Relocate alarm and receiver

One of the most common ways to improve signal strength is to relocate the alarm device and the receiver. You can simply position your wireless alarm at a location where it can easily catch wireless signals, without any obstacle in the way. This will ensure a clear line-of-sight between the alarm and the receiver.

Dodge All Other Radio Signals:

Your house is full of items that could cause disruption to the radio waves emitting from your wireless security system. Signals from your cordless phones, microwave ovens and even fluorescent lights may cause signal disruption and interference. Other devices that could cause this problem include bluetooth devices, game controllers, neighbor’s wireless router and even poorly wired electrical connections can cause such issues.

Upgrade Your System’s Software:

Another thing you should make sure of is that your system’s software is up to date. For this, you will need to visit the website of the maker of your router, check for the model number and make necessary updates. You can call and ask the alarm company for help in this case as well.

If All Else Fails:

If none of the above are helping, you need to contact your alarm company for assistance. If for some reason, the signals for your wireless security alarm are weakening and your system is unable to perform to its full extent, you should take serious note of it and get help from your company’s trained professionals. You might be doing something wrong or there might actually be some fault with your alarm system.




Q:How I can improve my wireless security alarm during weak wifi signals?

A:In case you need to improve your wireless security alarm during weak wifi signals, you would need to enhance the strength of your wifi signals. First, optimize the wireless router location. Put it in a central place so that the signal strength increases for your security system. Besides, hardwire your devices to lessen the load on your wifi. Also, update the firmware of your router to a version that allows you to boost output.

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