How Burglars Pick a House

Did you know that a burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds? In 2012 alone, over 8,000,000 homes were burglarized according to the FBI. The best way to discourage burglars is to take preventive measures, and rather simple ones that don’t cost a fortune. A security system is always a great choice, but there are many other small steps you can take to keep your home safe.

However, first you must understand how burglars pick a house.

To understand the risk and probability of a home being burglarized, it would be a great idea to understand what goes through a burglar’s mind when he is selecting his target.  The following will illustrate what makes a house vulnerable to a burglary.

  • Leaving  the alarm off when going out

What’s the point of having an alarm system if you can’t remember to turn it on when heading out? Whether you are going out for a few minutes or a couple of hours, always keep the alarm on.

  • Unkempt front and backyards

It is advised that you keep your yard clean and regularly get the bushes (if any) trimmed. Overgrown bushes can be a great hiding spot for burglars as they provide cover.

  • Unlocked windows and garage doors

Not every burglar chooses to use the main door. In many cases, the burglar will opt for an easier entry through unlocked windows or garage doors.

  • Holidays

It is recommended that you do not give out the impression that you are away for days. Unattended mail at the doorstep, milk bottles etc can easily let a burglar know the house is empty. You should also avoid posting your vacation and holiday plans on social media.

  • Switched off lights

Homes with lights turned off are more vulnerable to burglaries.  You can use automated systems that switch your lights on even when you are away.

  • No home security system

With no threat of the alarm going off, and no camera for surveillance, houses are at a higher risk of being burglarized.

  • Never leave spare keys outside

Many people keep a spare key outside their front door, typically under the mat or flower pot. It is not recommended to hide keys in such obvious places.

You don’t have to invest in expensive security systems or hire a security guard to keep your property safe. Taking a few simple steps can keep you and your family safe from burglaries.

How Burglars are Out-Smarting You:

Burglars are targeting your house, and they are doing it more smartly than you realize.

  • Dogs:

The burglars would simply feed these pets some sort of meat, laced with rat poison or a drug, to get them out of the way.

  • Cats:

People with cats in the house, tend to leave windows open to let the animal in and out. They might even switch off the alarm, to avoid false alarms due to the cat wandering around.

  • Litter outside your house:

This could mean more than just a can lying around. Burglars use such litter items as signals to mark the house they plan on robbing.

  • Business cards and flyers:

Criminals tend to lace these with chloroform to try and make you pass out, which allows them enough time to rob you.

  • Power outage:

There is a high probability of you getting robbed during a power outage, especially if everyone in the neighborhood was informed about the outage prior to it.

  • Social Media:

Burglars are smart. They will figure out the layout of your house, thanks to the million pictures you post on Facebook from your bedroom, living room, kitchen, even the bathroom sometimes.

  • Scouts:

 Criminals sometimes use the people who come to clean your house, fix the air conditioner, the garden service men and so on, as accomplices.


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