Hidden Security Camera

Do you think huge security cameras are a dead give-away to burglars? Or worse, do visible cameras run a higher risk of being tampered with or vandalized? If you’re having doubts about installing surveillance systems in your home or office, you may want to look into hidden surveillance systems.

Hidden or spy cameras could become an essential part of your home or office security system. These cameras may be the best way to record a meeting, business transaction or keep a watchful eye on your nanny or kids while you are away.

A hidden camera is typically designed to blend into its surroundings in order to be as discreet as possible.  

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to types, hidden cameras come in different shapes and sizes. In order to make sure you’re making the right choice; before buying them, shortlist the locations that you would ideally want to install your hidden cameras at and for what purpose.

Some of the issues that you may want to consider in case for these cameras to work are as follows.

  • Test Run – Always test the camera before placing it. The angle needs to right and nothing should be obstructing the view.

  • Lighting – Check how the lighting is. If you want to shoot in daylight, make sure no shadows obstruct the view.

  • Night Vision – Some spy cameras may also come with night vision. Check if you need this option.

  • Memory & Battery – Your camera should have a good memory and a long battery life. You don’t want to be in a position where the camera stops working only because you forgot to check the batteries or the memory card was full.

  • Image Quality – This depends on for what purpose you are using the camera. You may go for High Definition (1280 x 720) pixels or standard resolution with (640 x 480) pixels.

Below are some of the different types of spy cameras:

Portable Spy Cameras

Portable spy cameras, more commonly known as ‘body worn’ spy cameras, come in the shape of daily use items such as,

  • Pens

  • Hats

  • Cell phones

  • Watches

  • Lighters

Residential or Nanny Cameras

Specifically for home use, you may be able to camouflage these cameras with common household surroundings. These cameras may come installed in:

  • iPod docking stations

  • Plants

  • Lamps

  • Routers

  • Tissue boxes

Spy Cameras for the Work Place

CCTV surveillance cameras that can commonly be seen installed in workplace settings such as banks, schools and offices. Employers make use of security cameras to keep an eye on their coworkers and to secretly record business meetings.

Hidden cameras designed to be used in such settings come disguised as:

How do spy cameras work?

As is the case with all surveillance cameras, hidden cameras also come either wired or wireless. Both types are designed to easily fit into everyday household items.

These hidden cameras have been designed to record surveillance videos onto a VHS or DVD.

Wired Spy Camera

Transmitting Camera - This component is designed to shoot the surveillance video.

Receiving Device – This component is designed to receive the video being captured and records it.

The receiving device needs to be placed within the specified perimeter, depending upon how far the transmitting camera can transmit.

Hybrid or Wireless Spy Cameras

These cameras are designed to record on one device. The storage card must be retrieved and downloaded to a computer in order to view the recorded images.

Where to Hide Spy Cameras?

In order to ensure that you’re utilizing spy cameras to their maximum potential, you need to put considerable thought into deciding where exactly to place them. These are some of the possible places where you can place your hidden camera:

  • Curtain rods – It’s above everyone’s field of vision. Most don’t pay much attention to curtain rods

  • TV – With so many electronic equipment like gaming consoles, Tivo and DVD players, a spy can go easily unnoticed by the TV

  • Light Fixtures – These can also be inconspicuous. Hiding a spy camera in a light fixture may give you the proper lighting and if it’s on the ceiling, you’ll get the bird’s eye view 

  • Fridge – If you have a lot of magnets on your fridge, you can easily sneak in a camera. You can also hide it on top of your fridge, provided you have other stuff piled on top

Questions to Ask before Buying the Right Spy Camera

Before buying a spy camera, you need to ask yourself the following questions,

  • Should the camera be wired or wireless?

  • Do you want to take photographs?

  • Do you want remote accessibility?

  • Do you want to install them yourself or get professional help?

You could opt for one of two ways to buy spy camera: buy it over the internet or get it from a hardware store. But before proceeding, make sure you’ve done your homework. Read about the specifications of the different types of wireless cameras (wired cameras as well) that best suit your needs. Check user reviews and carefully compare them. Making use of the various shopping specific search engines could help save both time and money.



Q:How to hide a camera in a light fixture?

A:In order to hide a camera in a light fixture, you may select a camera that is made for this specific purpose. As hidden cameras come in different shapes and sizes, you may want to make sure that you are making the right choice. You may test run the camera, check the lighting, ask about its memory and battery life, and check its image quality.

Q:Is there any restriction imposed by law to use any hidden security camera at personal place?

A:US law allows homeowners to use hidden cameras for security purposes. CCTV footage of hidden cameras can be used as evidence in the court. Law enforcement officers also use footage from hidden camera to resolve criminal cases and find the real criminals. However, your camera footage needs to meet some quality standards to be presented as evidence in court.

Q:Do these security cameras works in night without any additional light?

A:There are some security cameras that can work effectively without any additional light. These cameras are generally known as "night vision cameras". They normally have infrared LED illuminators which act as an additional light source for the camera. They give you an image even when other light sources are not there. The amount of light needed to see a picture is called Lux. Lower Lux indicates that the camera can see better in low light.

Q:What are some of the places you can place a hidden camera in your home?

A:You can camouflage your cameras in different household items for effective monitoring. Spy cameras are available in various shapes and sizes to be placed in household items such as tissue boxes, lamps, routers, plants, and iPod docking stations. You can also place hidden cameras on photo frames, book racks, refrigerators, and kitchen cabinets.

Q:How to make a hidden camera out of household items?

A:In order to make a hidden camera for your house from household items, you would first need to buy a small camera. Spy cameras are available that can fit in light fixtures or in any other household item. You may take off the outer shell of the camera and hide it inside a household item. Then you would need to select a place for easy viewing and connect the camera to make it functional.

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