Garage Door Sensor

Believe it or not, it takes a burglar as little as 6 seconds to break into a garage. And for a burglar, this is rather like a “walk-in”. That’s how simple garage-door entries can be. We often overlook the most obvious and simple points of entry around our house. A burglar isn’t going to ring the bell and enter, and he definitely won’t get into the hassle of lock picking the main door. So what’s the next best option for him? The garage door of course. And in most homes, the garage is attached with an access door to the rest of the home. Some homes have separate garages that are not attached to the house. But even then, a burglar can help himself to many valuables we usually keep in garages, like your favorite golf clubs, or even worse, your car.

There are many automated garage doors out there as well. These enhance security and make break-ins difficult. But even then, professional burglars will find a way to deactivate the locks and outsmart technology. So why take the risk.  To make the picture clearer, take a look at these astonishing figures about property crimes and break-ins.

  • Most break-ins occur from 6am to 6pm (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

  • There were an estimated 2,159,878 burglaries in 2012 (FBI)

  • Property crimes resulted in a loss of approximately $4.6 billion in 2012 (FBI)

  • 60% of all burglaries involved forcible entry (FBI)

As humans, we tend to make mistakes.  Running late for work or dropping kids off to school, many forget to lock the main door and garage.  According to a Consumer Reports National Research Center Survey, 19% of people don’t always lock their doors and an astonishing 46% admitted that they forget to turn on their alarm systems when they leave.

The bottom line is “securing all main entry points of your home” is crucial. Garage being one of the most vulnerable and easily accessible, it would be wise to go beyond the conventional deadbolt lock and install garage door sensors.

What are Garage door sensors?

Garage door sensors can be described as security devices that monitor your garage. These sensors may allow you to remotely monitor garage hatches, remind you to lock your garage, and are designed to raise the alarm and notify you in case of any unauthorized entry. Garage door sensors can be wireless or wired, depending on your preference and budget. Many link their home security system to garage door sensors for better security and coverage.

The device is typically mounted on top of a garage door. If the door is opened slightly,  the sensor is designed to immediately alert you or send the signal to the home security panel.

Features & Benefits

  • The sensor provides updates to you on door status. It is designed to monitor any garage door movements.

  • Some sensors also provide non-emergency notifications such as reminders.

  • Wireless sensors are easier to install and battery-operated.

  • Garage door sensors can be connected to the home’s main security panel for enhanced protection.

  • Garage door sensors can also be upgraded for added benefits.

  • Such sensors can help lower the risk of burglaries and may notify law enforcement agencies in-case of any break-in.

Where to get garage door sensors from?

Nowadays, numerous security companies are selling garage door sensors. It is crucial that you select a company that is worth your hard earned money. Reputation and creditability, employee licensure, ranking, service costs, installation, and customer reviews are just a few of the points you should keep in mind when selecting a home security company.  

Garage door sensor - DIY

You do not have to necessarily hire a professional to install a garage door sensor. You can simply opt for a wireless sensor that can be installed easily. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the manual. If you have technical knowledge and enjoy challenges, you can also go for a wired sensor. After installation is complete, make sure you double-check and test the sensor to see if it functions properly.

Sensors are no doubt a great way to alarm you but keeping your loaded gun right next to the door can also increase your defence. Read more about how you can keep your guns handy right next to the doors here.


Q:If my garage door sensor does not work properly, how can I solve my garage door problem?

A:If you are facing problems with your garage door sensor, it will be best to contact the company from where you have bought the sensor. The company representatives are likely to guide you about the problem. Plus, it is also good to go through the instruction manual to see if the sensor is properly installed. If you do not understand the instructions on the manual, you may call a skilled electrician to identify the problem and fix it too.

Q:Where can I find some reliable garage door sensors?

A:There are many ways to look for reliable garage door sensors. If someone from your friends or family is using sensors, you can ask them to suggest you a reliable brand. Other than that, you can search online for user reviews. Also, check websites that compare different brands of sensors and give you some useful advice.

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