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Burglaries are a growing menace in many cities in the United States. The FBI reported approximately nine million property crimes in 2012. Although, there was a significant decrease in 2013 with the number of property crimes going down to around 8,632,512, but still 8,632,512 is a big number. Out of all the property crimes in 2012, burglary accounted for 23.4%. As burglaries continue to grow, police departments are using various strategies to tackle this issue.

The after-effects of a burglary should never be underestimated. Many homes are now installing home security systems  to counter the risk of burglaries and other threats. Not only can a burglary set a family back financially, but can lead to emotional stress as well.

Investing in Home Security Systems

Home security systems have proved to be an efficient way to reduce the risk of property crimes. According to a report released by the Alarm Industry Research Educational Foundation, burglar alarm systems are effective in reducing instances of burglaries.

Getting a home security system is a smart decision. But what is more important is choosing the right security system and company. Getting an efficient home security system will not matter if it’s not installed at the right location. This is where the expertise and experience of the home security company comes in.

How to Choose the Right Security System?

By evaluating and keeping in mind the following points; you can make sure you choose a top rated home security system that best fits your needs:

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Renter or homeowner – If you are a renter, a wireless system may be more suitable for you as you can easily install it, and uninstall it when relocating.

Mobile Access – If you are away from home frequently and would still like complete control over the system, you can opt for remote monitoring and mobile accessibility options. This will enable you to manage your security system and keep an eye on your home from any location.

Monitoring Technology   – You can choose between a landline, cellular, and broadband technology to connect your security system to a monitoring center.  Each technology has its own pros and cons, so choose wisely.

Installation – DIY or Professional –To cut down on labor costs, a DIY system seems suitable. You’ll reasonable technical know-how for this though.

Equipment Warrantee – The equipment warrantee period will vary from company to company. You must be clear about the warrantee conditions and options before you buy.

Added Benefits of Security Systems

A security system will typically include a control panel, sensors, and an alarm. However, many home security companies also offer monitoring services and home automation options. With a few extra features, you could revamp your home’s security, secure all entry points, and prevent burglaries.

Home automation is an option that integrates home security, lighting, thermostat, and more. You could access the system via phone or computer and manage the alarm system, energy consumption and thermostat, lights, and keep a vigilant eye on your home and property.

If you want 24/7 coverage, you can look into monitoring services for a monthly or an annual fee. A monitoring center will monitor your home’s security system and alert you in the event of a burglary or any other emergency. Before purchasing, it is advised to check customer reviews of both the system and the company.

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