The Top Home Security Trends of 2015


Home security is an evolving industry. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a home is broken into every 13 seconds in the United States.  In order to meet the needs of concerned home owners, the home security service industry has to provide new and improved services to combat growing threats. Furthermore, home security providers are constantly on the lookout for ways in which they can set themselves apart from their competitors.
Here are some of the most important emerging trends in home security for the upcoming year.

Wireless Home Security

Wireless home security is becoming more and more common with each passing year. The change towards wireless home security allows for home security systems to be installed into homes far more easily. There’s no need to drill any holes to make way for cumbersome wires. As the name implies, there are no running wires throughout your home. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about bulky wires hanging about.

This makes home security systems neater, and more organized. Furthermore, Wireless Home Security System provide a better all-round service due to the fact that there are more accessible monitoring points around the home.

The use of wireless technology also makes your home security system less vulnerable to an outside attack. For instance, many burglars have been known to cut the wires of a home security system prior to breaking into a home. With no wires hanging about, your system isn’t at risk of being disconnected.

Video Surveillance

Over the years, video surveillance systems have become an integral part of home security. In fact, more and more home security providers are offering customers the option of adding video surveillance to their homes as part of their home security package.

2015 is seeing a host of improvements and additions to this type of technology. Many of these cameras can be remotely accessed through apps on your phone or computer. This gives you the opportunity to check in on your home, both the interior and the exterior, wherever you are.

The technology in video surveillance cameras has also improved dramatically. Coupled with the fact that many companies are offering customers this technology, video surveillance has correspondingly become cost-effective. Customers therefore have access to cutting edge technology at a reasonable price.

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Remote Monitoring

With the introduction and advancement of smart phone technology, Self-Monitoring of Home Security Systems is now becoming the norm. Today, individuals may access a host of features of their home security systems through their phones, tablets, or PCs.

Furthermore, most home security providers are now offering unique remote monitoring features to their customers. For instance, customized apps for your home security system are designed to notify you when an alarm is triggered, when your kids get home from school, or if a window has been opened. Not only does it increase the effectiveness of home security, but also provide you with a great deal of convenience and peace of mind.

Home Automation

In an attempt to increase the amount of convenience that home security systems provide you with, homeowners can now also use their home security systems to run and access a number of other systems present in the house. This means that you can control the thermostat and adjust internal temperatures, activate humidity controls, control your home entertainment system, sync certain appliances, and activate or deactivate particular electrical outlets and lights.

Home automation systems are intended to increase the efficiency of everyday life. That way, if you ran out of the house in a rush and forgot to unplug a particular device, you don’t have to waste any time driving back to switch it off. With an app, you can literally control what’s happening in your home without actually being present.

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Stressing the Importance of User Experience

While home security systems may be adding on a host of additional features, service providers haven’t lost sight of the importance of a positive user experience. That means that users should be able to understand and operate the system with relative ease.

Home security providers are making conscious strides to make all the information concerning their products readily available.

At the forefront of home security trends for this year is convenience and efficiency. Home security providers are concerned with making their services more user friendly and effective. To do so, they have made improvements to existing features such as video surveillance. Furthermore, home automation features as well as remote monitoring make home security systems easier for owners to use.

It appears that with each passing year, the trend will remain focused on improving existing features as well as providing users with tools to increase their convenience at home.  This makes it more desirable for home owners to seriously consider installing home security systems in their homes. No longer are these systems solely concerned with providing security alone; instead, they aim to improve the overall comfort and convenience of home owners’ lives.

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