How does a Magnetic Gun Holder work?

Whoever invented or manufactured gun magnet had two things on their mind – safety and convenience. They wanted to keep the firearm from getting into the hands of kids and burglars and at the same time wanted the convenience of grabbing it when required.

Gun magnets have been around for a while. The “first generation” magnets were however either too weak or expensive for gun owners liking. The “second generation” of gun magnets shows improvement in design and usability and they may also be cheaper.

Before you worry about the location to mount these magnets on, you need to know, which magnets suit your needs. Take a look at the following checklist. Simply put, magnetic gun holders make use of magnetic force to hold firearms in place. They can also be used to place items such as knives and flashlights in handy places for quick and convenient usage. To make use of the gun magnet, you will first need to pick a location and surface to install it on. Once you have your surface ready, the installation procedure will be done according to your choice of surface. If you are mounting the holder on a steel surface for instance, all you need to do it stick the magnet to your firearm and place it on to the metal surface directly.

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What customers say about ironclad gun magnet



“Hey guys today I’m gonna be showing you two different kinds of guns. One is a toy, one is real. This is my little-this is my toy gun. I like to play with it a lot. It’s very fun to play with.”

“You keep pointing at yourself. What do we not do with guns?”

“Don’t point at you.”

Yeah. Or you! Or anything we don’t want to…?


“Shoot! Right okay so we just showed you his toy gun.”

“Okay um.”

“I’m gonna show you my real gun. But this isn’t about the gun. This is about the holster. That’s kind of a weird looking holster ain’t it? It is from Ironclad. You can get this on Amazon. This is a 25 pound magnet, a rubberized magnet that you can mount in places. If I wanted to-and it comes with attaching screws- but if I wanted to screw this under my table I could then- clear, right?- stick my gun up on there and then it’s gonna be stuck on the table so if I needed it bam! Alright and they stick together anywhere.

“And uh as I have gotten a little older, little more mature and I have introduced little curtain climbers into the house I have been a lot more careful with how I store my guns. But I’ll tell you a little story. Back when I was 26ish just out of the marines, you know, 6 year turf so you know ‘bout 26 or so I was living out on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Basically, living on for free just to be a person to scare off folks that came to mess with this guy’s cows. And uh lived in an old-an old uh-farmhouse like an old log cabin like 1800s log cabin right working at the prison.

“And you know being just out the service young and dumb and stupid, you know, I had guns duct taped everywhere. I had, you know, even maybe in a ziplock bag in the back of the toilet bowl, right? And uh they didn’t have these things back then but it sure would’ve been a lot easier cause I could just, you know, screw this thing in the back of the wood pile in the barn, under the dash of the truck, right, you know, under the sink, just wherever. And then- you know, next to the bed- and then all I gotta do is pull it right out, right?

“25 pounds is a lot more than a gun like this would weigh but it’s not anything a man can’t…. break free, right? And because it’s rubberized- cause it’s rubberized it will not mar the finish of your guns. You get these things on Amazon even in kinda bigger sizes 35 pounds if you had a saw or something that you wanted to mount somewhere, a long arm, a rifle. But this 25 pound one that comes with all the hardware you need to man it, screws and uh rubberized magnets, only at 12 AV and free shipping on prime from Amazon and I‘ll put a link in the description in the article that I will post with this so you can look on that up.

“And I’ve had several different versions but this is the first one from this company. And I’m- I’m pretty pleased with it. I bought a couple of them and I will be putting them in places but I don’t want to show you where I’m putting them, right? Does that make sense? So I’m gonna screw this somewhere and uh… keep it with my gun alright. I’ve got a couple. So I hope that’s useful. Thank you.”

How do I install a Gun Magnet Mount?

The installation of the Gun Magnet Mount depends on the kind of surface it is to be placed on – metal, wood, plastic or vehicles. For metals, you can simply stick the magnet to your firearm and on to the metallic surface. For wooden or plastic surfaces, the gun holder comes with screws. The magnet can be screwed on to the desired surface. The firearm can then be placed on it.

In case of mounting in a vehicle, you are recommended to use a non-slip mounting plate to make sure that the firearm does not move or slip due to the movement of the vehicle.

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Does a Magnetic Gun Holder for car really work?

A gun magnet is typically installed under the steering wheel in a car or in an easy-to-reach location for the user. The idea is to not have the gun in plain sight, but also keep it in a convenient enough location for emergency situations. Gun magnets are made from the strongest magnets, so the chances of a gun sliding or falling off the magnet in a moving vehicle are fairly low. They are designed to be shock proof to an extent that your firearm will remain in place even in case of a rough drive.

Check some images shared by our happy clients;

IronClad Gun Magnet IronClad Gun Magnet IronClad Gun Magnet IronClad Gun Magnet

My gun is heavy, can a Vehicle Gun Holder keep it steady on bumpy roads?

The small magnets are incredibly powerful and are designed to hold different types of guns in place. The magnet itself is kept small intentionally. If it were any bigger, you would have a hard time finding a concealed place to install it. And a bigger magnet would make it difficult for you to get things off of it. Gun magnets vary in strength. Some have a pull force of 15 lbs while others have a pull force of 30 lbs or even more. In normal circumstances, a 15 lbs magnet may be able to hold a fully-loaded .45 under the dashboard on bumpy roads.

Does a Gun Holder for Wall magnetize the gun?

It is highly unlikely for a gun holder to transfer some of its magnetic properties to the gun. You might have heard stories about guns misfiring days later due to being magnetized by the gun holder. This is simply not possible. Experiments have been performed with the magnet attached to the gun while shooting, resulting in no malfunctions. Even in a case where some of the magnetic properties are transferred on to the gun by the magnet, they would dissipate by the heat produced when the gun is fired.

My pistol appears to be mostly Plastic/Polymer, will the Gun Magnet still hold it?

Even if your pistol appears to be made of plastic or has a polymer grip, there is nearly a 100% chance that the slide will be made of steel. A plastic and polymer grip will only make your gun lighter, and will not affect its ability to stick to the gun magnet. In fact, a lighter gun would hold better on the gun mount than heavier ones.

Gun Magnet holder

Can I use these gun holders for Hi-Point Pistols?

Hi-Point pistols are not compatible with magnetic gun holders because of the metals used in their manufacturing. Hi-Point pistol slides are made of zinc alloy that comprises of magnesium, copper and aluminum, as opposed to the forged steel used in normal guns. Simply put, the gun will not stick to a magnet, and therefore, no magnetic gun holders either.

Whoever invented or manufactured gun magnet had two things on their mind – safety and convenience. They wanted to keep the firearm from getting into the hands of kids and burglars and at the same time wanted the convenience of grabbing it when required.

Gun magnets have been around for a while. The “first generation” magnets were however either too weak or expensive for gun owners liking. The “second generation” of gun magnets shows improvement in design and usability and they may also be cheaper.

Before you worry about the location to mount these magnets on, you need to know, which magnets suit your needs. Take a look at the following checklist.

How to Buy the Best Gun Magnet Mount – The Checklist

These magnets are easily available online and in retail gun stores where you should be looking at the following three factors:

Design - As mentioned earlier, the present lot of gun magnets are far superior in design than their predecessors. You may find some magnets with a raised design. This increases your accessibility to the weapon. You will also find magnets in different shapes. Depending upon the shape of your gun magnet, you will either be able to mount your firearm upright or perpendicularly. Go for the shape which allows you both.

So which design is the best? The simplest. Go for the magnet which is compact. This will help you hide your weapon in the tiniest of places. Once again the object is to hide your weapon completely from public eye.

Usability – How and where you intend to mount your gun magnet is up to you. Ideally, you should be able to mount it anywhere you consider strategic.

Strength – The gun magnet you are about to buy, will it be able to hold your firearm without you worrying about stability issues? A commonsensical approach to this would be to ask yourself – would this magnet hold the heaviest of my guns? Also be mindful of the fact that the gun magnet should be able to hold your firearm steady regardless of its position.

How strong can these magnets get? Some magnets come with a warning that people with metal implants should stay at least one foot away from the magnet. They may also disrupt pacemakers.

Now that you know which magnet to buy, the following set of information is equally important.

Where to Mount Gun Magnet?

If you are looking for ideas, here they are:

  • Under the desk/table/counter/bed
  • Behind bed frame
  • Wall
  • Display case
  • Behind the curtain next to the front door
  • Car (under the steering wheel or car seat)
  • Gun safe
  • Filing cabinet
  • Closet (above the door)
Gun Magnet holders

Where you end up mounting the magnet on is for you to decide. However, be mindful of the fact that your firearm should be accessible to you within 3 seconds when you need it. What if you want to mount it on a non-metal surface? This is a common concern faced by gun owners with gun magnets. Some magnets come with a metal plate that can then be affixed to non-metal surfaces. These metal plates usually come in two sizes – one for car mounting and one for other applications. The may also come with a variety of screws including wood screws, drywall screws and washers.

5 Ways to Safely Store your Firearm: Gun Magnet vs. Holster

If you’re having a hard time figuring out whether to get a gun magnet or holster for the safekeeping of your firearm, the following may perhaps help.

Gun Magnet Holster
No snagging results in a quicker draw Bunched up shirts or cords can get stuck around the gun handle leading to a slower draw
Holds over rough terrain while driving Car holsters can become loose and move towards the driver seat
Gun magnets last longer A worn holster could result in the gun or magazine falling out
The gun is off your body resulting in greater comfort Adjusting an uncomfortable holster constantly can cause accidents and make it easily discoverable
Guns can be stored under the desk, near the door etc Fewer places to conceal and store

Make sure to keep these things in mind while making your decision.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Gun Magnet Mount?

Just this – Your magnet will stick to just about anything made up of iron, cobalt or nickel. However, be mindful of the fact that the magnet will not stick to copper, magnesium and aluminum. So, if your gun is made up of copper, magnesium and aluminum don’t waste your time and money buying a magnetic gun holder.

Top 5 Gun Magnets – Best Gun Magnet Mounts for Concealing Your Weapon

If you are thinking of buying the best gun magnet for your firearm, here’s a list of top 5 of them:

Our Top Pick: Ironclad Rubber Coated Gun Magnet

Amazon Rating: 4.5 / 5

Ironclad’s Gun Magnet is one of the most popular and top-selling gun magnets, thanks to its low price and high performance. It is sturdy and easy-to-install and helps keep your firearm concealed and handy. Even though it is a highly strong magnet, it is also very gentle on guns, thanks to its rubber coating which leaves little room for friction and scratches. You can mount any type and size of gun to this magnet.

Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount

Rating: 4.5/5

This is one of the higher quality gun magnet options available, with a rubber coating that keeps it from scratching the surface of your gun. It can be mounted in home or in vehicles for a large variety of guns and firearms. Even though this is a very solid choice, it is more expensive than other similar options in the market.

IronMount Gun Magnet Mount

Rating: 3.9/5

The IronMount gun magnet offers a strong grip and a sleek design for mounting various types of firearms. It comes in a pack-of-two option as well but is slightly more expensive than some of the other gun magnets on our list.

AmeriGun Club Gun Magnet

Rating: 3.7/5

This product is weather proof and shock proof and is available in packs of two. Those looking for a good bargain might want to get this gun magnet. The multiple neodymium magnets are ideal for strong contact.

T-Tac Gun Magnet Mount

Rating: 3.6/5

This is a military grade gun magnet that is designed to hold a variety of firearms. Its large surface area gives a solid grip, making it a durable and strong option. With easy installation and high quality, this is certainly a good choice. However, it is also a little on the pricey side with slightly lower ratings on customer satisfaction.

Check the details below

Gun Mount Power Ratings Price Range Seller Name
Ironclad Rubber Coated Gun Magnet 25lbs - 35lbs 4.5 out of 5 $12.82 - $14.95 IronClad
Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Vehicle and Home 35lbs 4.5 out of 5 $24.95 KEEPER MG
Gun Magnet Mount 35lbs 3.9 out of 5 $16.99 - $29.99 IronMount
Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster For Vehicle 35lbs 2.0 out of 5 N/a AmeriGun Club
T-Tac Gun Magnet Mount, Military Grade 35lbs 3.6 out of 5 $18.99 T-Tac

What Makes Ironclad Rubber Coated Gun Magnet Special?

It’s special because it checks all the rightboxes, i-e., safety, convenience, design, usability and strength. As mentioned above, the shape of the magnet is important. Ironclad mount is octagonal, which makes it ideal to mount on a variety of surfaces and spaces. It is also compact enough to hide away from prying eyes. The majority of gun mounts available in the market are metallic in nature, which due to friction with your firearm can lead to scratches, marks or even dents. Now consider Ironclad’s make – its magnet is rubberized (non-abrasive) so your firearm won’t be damaged and scratched. It also does not interfere with your weapon’s finish. Ironclad rubber coated gun magnet is super strong to hold firearms of up to 25 lbs. and 35 lbs. At the same time, this gun mount is gentle enough for you to twist off your weapon in emergencies. How Ironclad Works? Simply slide your weapon off the magnet. It won’t disengage the weapon if you tug on it. This is a great safety feature especially for a household with kids. Consider it child-resistant packaging. How Do I Install Ironclad?1-2-3 and you’re done. The package comes with an easy to install guide. Just follow the steps and you’ll be done before you know it. And in case, if you are wondering whether screws come in the package, the answer is YES. Saves you a trip to the hardware store, doesn’t it. Can Ironclad hold heavier firearms? Yes. Though you may have to get more than one magnet to secure your bulkier firearm properly. c Accidental gun shooting incidents show that the days of storing your firearm in a safe or drawer are behind us. Magnetic gun holders provide the best facility to store your weapon while giving you instant accessibility at the same time.

gun magnet rubber coating

The Go Away Tip – Even if you take nothing away from this piece, just remember this, the best gun magnet hides, organizes and displays. If it’s small enough to mount in the area of your choice, if it can hold the weight of your weapon properly and if it provides you instant accessibility, you’ve got it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need a rifle gun magnet?

Answer: If you have a habit of keeping firearms in your house or your car, a rifle gun magnet might be a good investment. They keep your rifles in handy and easy-to-approach places, so you can gain quick access to them when needed and hide them in normal circumstances. Instead of hiding your guns in drawers or the glove compartments in cars, you can now install gun magnets to keep your weapons concealed properly.

Question: What is an under dash gun magnet?

Answer: Most gun magnets come with the option of installation in the car. One of the places where you can attach them in your car is under the dashboard. All you need to do is follow the installation manual and you can have a concealed weapon under your car’s dashboard in no time. Make sure you are aware of the car and dashboard construction of your car, before you drill any holes.

Question: What is the purpose of a firearm magnet?

Answer: A firearm magnet is used to hold your weapons in convenient and concealed places. It is a highly useful investment for those who own weapons, especially for home or vehicle security. Firearm magnets can be installed in a variety of places and surfaces. They can be installed on to plastic or wood surfaces in a simple two-step process.

Question: Can a gun magnet cause a gun to accidentally discharge?

Answer: Many people wonder if a gun magnet would magnetize their gun or the bullets in it, causing it to accidently discharge. The simple answer for this is: no. It is highly unlikely and practically impossible for the gun holder to transfer so much of its magnetic properties to the gun that an accidental discharge would happen. Even if some small magnetic property is transferred to the gun from the magnet, it would dissipate rapidly after the weapon is fired.

Question: Can a magnet damage a gun by magnetizing the firing pin and prevent it from firing?

Answer: While gun magnets are made up of quite powerful magnets, their magnetic force is simply not enough to penetrate a gun. Therefore, mounting your gun on a gun magnet is not likely to magnetize the firing pin. Even if you are dealing with a magnetized firing pin, it would not prevent the gun from firing. The force behind the firing pin would be strong enough to cancel out any magnetism on the firing pin.

Question: Does a Quick-Draw Gun Magnet Scratch My Gun?

Answer: Even though Quick-Draw Gun Magnets are intended to let you remove your weapon in one, swift motion, they are designed to ensure they do not scratch the weapon itself. The base of the magnet is made of steel, while its surface is coated with hard plastic. This plastic finishing prevents any form of scratching of your weapons.

Question: What do I need to install Ironclad in my vehicle?

Answer: Everything you need to install Ironclad rubber coated gun magnet in your vehicle is provided with the product. The gun magnet comes equipped with the perfectly sized screws, a strong gun magnet and a vehicle mounting plate. But first things first – You’ll need to figure out the location in your car where you’d like to conceal your firearm. And remember – installing Ironclad rubber coated gun magnet in your vehicle may require drilling.

Question: How can I carry concealed weapon in my vehicle?

Answer: To carry a concealed weapon in your vehicle, you can either use the console or the glove box. However, a better way to keep the gun in a handy location while keeping it concealed would be to use a gun magnet. This is ideal for handguns. If you intend on carrying larger weapons, such as a rifle or a shotgun, you are advised to first check state and local laws. If the laws allow you to carry bigger guns, then make sure that they are carried in a secure and locked box, hidden out of plain sight.