What is Handheld milk frother?

Simply put, to make milk foamy you need to add air to it. The process is called Aeration and milk frother does that. In case you’re wondering whether milk frothers can froth any type of milk, the answer is yes. You can froth whole, skim, soy and almond milk, etc.

But first things first – to make lattes and cappuccinos with splendid milk foam you need a milk frother.

Types of Milk Frothers:

Handheld Electric Milk Frother –They are amongst the cheapest. Most of them run on batteries, which may require changing.

Handheld Semi-Automatic Milk Frother – These frothers have a whisk at the end of a shaft.

Stationary Electric Milk Frother – They are more expensive than handheld electric and manual milk frothers. You plug them into your wall and they make foamy milk for your cup of coffee.

Manual Milk Frother – To get the most out of your hard earned dollar, do look into this option. There’s no electricity involved, so you’ll have to froth the milk yourself. You do that by pumping the milk full of air inside the jug. Once it’s frothed, you’ll need to heat the milk. Its manual labor but in the end it may all be worth it especially if you are looking for the cheapest option.

Hand-pump Milk Frother – This type of frother consists of a plunger that is attached to a mesh screen, which is located inside a cup that’s made from stainless steel. It is easy to use and affordable as well but labor intensive since the whole process is done by hand. Buy this type of frother if you require frothing smaller amounts of milk.

And now to an even more important question:

Best Milk Frothers 2018 Ratings & Buyer's Guide

The following table lists the top milk frothers of 2018, along with customer ratings from Amazon. The top product for this year is the Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer by Café Casa with an affordable price tag and the highest rating. In addition, this frother’s utility, portability and ease of use make it one of the best options available for upcoming home baristas.

Frother Name Type Ratings Price Seller Name
Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer Handheld 4.7 out of 5 $13.97 Cafe Casa
Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer Jug 4.1 out of 5 $32.98 Lafraise
Viante CAF-20 Automatic Milk Frother Automatic 4.0 out of 5 $59.99 Amazon
Manual Milk Frother Manual 4.5 out of 5 $14.99 JoyFork
Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother Automatic; Induction Heating 4.4 out of 5 $149.95 Seattle Coffee Gear

How to Buy Milk Frother – Comparative Analysis

Handheld vs Jug Milk Frothers – Handheld milk frothers are motorized whiskers. They create foam by spinning a whisk at high speeds below the surface of milk. They are designed to run on batteries and are therefore considered affordable. However they cannot heat up your milk, so you’ll have to use either a stove or microwave.

Jug milk frothers, on the other hand, combine both functions – heat up the milk and create foam. They work by using induction coils to heat the milk within the jug while at the same time using a motorized whisk to create delicious foam.

Now that you know the difference, make your decision. If your vote is in favor of a handheld milk frother then look no further than Café Casa Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer.

Do you want to make gourmet coffee at home? If you want to have your own “Starbucks” simply buy a handheld milk frother and enjoy your morning cup of Joe without upsetting your budget.


Take a quick look at its features and you’ll become a fan too:

  • “Magic” Frothing Wand – Sky is the limit as your options are endless. Let your imagination run wild with latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc. Use it as a cream whipper, hot chocolate stirrer and frappe maker.
  • It is Cordless – Powered by only 2 AA batteries, this magic wand is your perfect companion on vacations.
  • Durability – It’s made up of stainless steel, which doesn’t only make it look cool but also long lasting.
  • Standing its Ground – Café Casa Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer has a wide base and you can stand it next to your coffee maker – a perfect couple indeed.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – That’s what the manufacturer claims. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results, tell them.

Uses of Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer:

Don’t just think gourmet coffee when you buy Café Casa Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer. Also think:

  • Baby formula
  • Protein shakes
  • Hot chocolate
  • Dessert toppings
  • Omelets with cream
  • Whip up eggs
  • Matcha tea

What customers say about milk frother


It Makes a Great Vacation Companion and Birthday Gift

Hardly 11 inches tall, Café Casa Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer uses only 2 AA batteries. You can even take it to your gym for after workout protein shake. How about taking it with you when you’re camping in the winter; a hot cup of coco can do wonders.

Has your best friend at work got a promotion? Café Casa Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer would make an excellent gift. Even otherwise, this “magic wand” makes an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries and house warming.

Another great and user friendly feature of Cafe Casa Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer is its maintenance. It’s very easy to clean motorized whisks with little to no maintenance.

What’s the difference between frothed and steamed milk?

The main distinction between the two types is the amount of air. Steamed milk is much heavier, because it has less air, while frothed milk is lighter and more airy.

Steamed Milk: Steamed milk makes use of pressurized steam to develop a certain texture and heat the milk at the same time. This two-way process heats the milk evenly and breaks down the fat in the milk. The uniform air bubbles that develop are known as “microfoam” and give the milk a very smooth and velvety feel. The best steamed milk is usually made with an espresso machine and is an essential element of a good latte.

Frothed Milk: This kind is produced by injecting air into the milk and creating small bubbles, typically with a steam wand. Frothed milk can be made at home with a simple handheld milk frother, and is mainly used for cappuccinos.

Can I buy handheld milk frother online?

A variety of handheld milk frothers is available via multiple online stores all across the world. You need to keep a few things in mind when making the purchase:

  • Quality
  • Accessories
  • Longevity
  • Ease of use
  • Replacement and warranty options
  • Features
  • Customer feedback

Making sure that you are aware of all of these factors regarding the handheld milk frother you intend to buy will help you make a well-informed and genuinely useful purchase.

What is the price of handheld milk frother?

The price of different kinds of milk frothers varies according to their features and type. The lowest price range is for the handheld milk frothers ($5 - $25), while the automatic milk frothing machines are the most costly ($40 - $150). Prices are subject to variation from company to company as well.

Serial No Frother Type Price Range Seller Name
1 Handheld Milk Frother $5 - $25 Café Casa, Bean Envy, Bonsenkitchen
2 Hand-Pump Milk Frother $15-$25 JoyFork, True-Heading, Perella’s
3 Automatic Electric Milk Frother Jug $30 - $45 Lafraise, Sunvalley Brands, VIVREAL STORE
4 Automatic Milk Frothing Machine $40 - $150 Seattle Coffee Gear, Royal Kitchen, Sunvalley Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to use handheld Milk Frother?

Answer: Handheld Milk Frothers are fairly easy to use. All you need to do is get a cup of hot milk, insert the handheld frother into it and switch it on. Keep in mind that the frothing wand needs to touch only the edge of the milk in the cup to get that perfect froth. If you insert it too deep into the milk, the frother will heat the milk up real fast and might even spoil it. Move the wand around upper half-inch of the milk until you get a thick, foamy appearance at the top.

Question: How to make a latte with a Milk Frother?

Answer: To make a latte, you need three things – espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. Get some steamed milk in a separate container and put your Milk Frother in it, just touching the surface of the milk. Switch the frother on and move it around the surface for a few minutes. Once you see the white foam, your milk is done.

When adding the milk to the (separately made) espresso, make sure you use a spoon to pour in the milk first. Then scoop out the froth from the milk container and put it on top of your simmering cup of latte. Your perfectly frothy cup of latte is ready!

Question: What is the best type of milk to froth?

Answer: While it would seem like rich, whole milk would be the best for frothing, it is actually non-fat milk that creates a thicker and fuller foam. Organic and lactose free milks are highly-pasteurized, with proteins in the milk destroyed. This is why these kinds of milk do not support the formation of bubbles and won’t give you the thick froth you desire. So, if you like a heavy, foamy froth that leaves a mustache with the first sip, you ought to use skim milk, instead of whole milk. However, if you are fonder of the rich, flavorful froth made with fresh milk, you are going to have to work a little bit harder to get the creaminess. Skim milk would give you quicker and fuller foam, where as fresh milk would give you the tastier froth.

Question: How do you make frothy milk at home?

Answer: To make frothy milk at home, all you need is the right milk, at the right temperature and a milk frother. Pour some milk into a container, not more than halfway full, so that there is room for some foam. Place your milk frother in the milk so that the wand is touching the surface. Switch it on and move it around the upper half-inch of the milk surface. Continue frothing for a few minutes and you will have the milk ready for a perfect, barista-styled coffee.

When frothing milk at home, keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure you use cold and fresh milk.
  • Fresh milk should be used within 5 days of purchase if you want the best foam.
  • Froth the milk immediately after you take it out from the refrigerator.

Question: Can You Froth Soy Milk?

Answer: Soy Milk can be frothed just like fresh milk. The consistency of the foam will depend on the technique of frothing as well as the composition of liquid used. Different soy milk brands have different compositions in terms of density and fat to protein ratios, so they might froth differently. The fat content in soy milk gives its foam a rich texture and stability. However, the lower protein quantity makes it a challenge to froth soy milk.

Some helpful hints:

  • Use refrigerated soy milk for better forth.
  • You may need to add a sweetener to soy milk before frothing to get a taste similar to that of fresh milk (soy milk has nearly half the amount of sugar as compared to fresh milk).

Question: Which milk froths best?

Answer: The quality of milk froth can be determined by three factors for different milk types:

  • Amount of bubbles in the froth.
  • How long the froth lasts.
  • Richness of the froth.

Soy milk produces a good quantity of bubbles, but the froth tends to disappear quickly. It is recommended for cold drinks, but does not work that well for hot beverages.

Whole milk is the best frothing option for a long lasting, creamy froth. However, whole milk is slightly difficult and more technical to froth.

Skimmed milk will give you a good, stable froth that will last quite long. The froth produced won’t be as tasty as the one made with whole milk, but it is still a good choice for coffee drinks.

The best milk for frothing really depends on your personal taste and preference.

Question: How to Froth Milk for Cappuccino?

Answer: Cappuccino is the perfect mix of espresso and frothy milk, spooned on the top. To prepare the perfect frothed milk for a cappuccino, keep the following in mind:

  • The milk is cold.
  • The milk is in the 1-2% milk fat range.

Pour the milk about halfway full into the container and place your frothing wand just near the tip of the milk, slightly submerged. Turn on the milk frother and move it around for a few minutes near the milk surface. Your frothed milk should soon start to look a little like white paint. Froth the milk until it heats up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (given that your wand has a steaming feature).

Now that you have a perfectly smooth, frothy milk, use a spoon to add milk to your espresso, while holding the froth back and then scoop out the froth onto your cup of coffee.

Question: Can a handheld milk frother be used as a cappuccino mixer?

Answer: Yes. A handheld milk frother has multiple uses. Even though it serves the basic purpose of frothing milk, it can be used to make several different kinds of drinks. This includes multiple types of coffees – lattes, cappuccinos etc, milkshakes and even smoothies. To make the perfect cup of cappuccino using a milk frother, you will need steamed milk in a small jug. Place the milk frother near the surface of the milk and move it gradually to get a perfect foamy texture in a few minutes. Pour the milk on to your already prepared espresso and then scoop out the froth from the container to place it on top of your steaming cup of café-styled cappuccino.

Question: Is a latte mixer the same thing as a milk frother?

Answer: A handheld milk frother can be used to make different kinds of coffees, including lattes. If you want to make a perfect barista-style latte at home, a milk frother is one of the easiest ways to achieve the desired results. Since latte has a lot of milk in its contents, the perfectly frothed milk is a very important component of the drink. To achieve this, you need to get a cup of warm milk and whisk it with a frothing wand, just near the surface of the milk. Once you get a nice, paint-like froth consistency, your milk is ready to be used. Add the milk first to the espresso and then add the foam over it as per your liking.

Question: Is a beverage frother a worthwhile investment?

Answer:For coffee aficionados, a beverage frother is definitely a must-have. Even though milk frothers are not considered an essential kitchen item, getting one can certainly save you a lot of money especially if you start making gourmet coffee drinks at home, instead of going to expensive coffee shops. And the best part is that froth is not just for coffee drinks, it can be an ideal topping for a delicious cup of hot chocolate or some super creamy cocktails. They can also be used to whisk eggs, mix vinaigrettes, and smooth out lumpy gravies.

Handheld milk frothers are the most affordable milk frothers available and would make your life a whole lot easier. Since they are battery operated, you can take them along with you wherever you go. They are also quite small, making them easy to store in the kitchen.

Question: What is the difference between an automatic milk frother and a handheld milk frother?

Answer: Apart from frothing milk, these two types of frothers are very different from each other. While both are very easy to use, handheld milk frothers are easier to clean. Automatic milk frothers are better and quicker at steaming and frothing milk, however, they are also on the more expensive side. Handheld milk frothers are not only cheaper, but they are also portable and can be taken along when travelling, in addition to being easy to store. Along with that, handheld milk frothers can be used to froth all kinds of milk, while the automatic ones might not be compatible with heavier milks such as rice and soy milk.

Question: How to make fruit milkshake with milk frother?

Answer:Milk frothers can be used to make a variety of drinks including different types of coffees, smoothies and fruit milkshakes. To make a fruit milkshake, you are recommended to use two parts milk and one part juice for maximum taste and foam. Add these ingredients in a tall glass and use the frother to mix it all up. The mixture will expand into a frothy mix and rise to the top of the glass.

Tip: You might want to add a spoon of sugar for some added taste. This will not affect the frothing ability of the milk.

Question: Can a beverage frother be used to make drinks other than coffee?

Answer: Beverage frothers are the newest and the handiest addition to the standard kitchen items, especially the handheld ones. Most people use these to froth milk for various types of coffees at home. However, what a lot of the consumers might not be aware of is that these frothers can be used to make a variety of drinks other than coffees. For instance, you can make smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, hot chocolate, protein shakes and many other beverages with a beverage/milk frother.

Question: Is it worthwhile to get a stainless steel milk frother?

Answer: If you are a big fan of coffee, a stainless steel milk frother is an investment you ought to make as early as possible. Milk frothers help you make café-styled coffee from the comfort of your home, in no time at all. In addition to that, you can also use them to make other drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies or even use them to whisk eggs and mix vinaigrettes. The stainless steel design helps make the frother longer lasting and easier to clean. If you are planning on investing in a milk frother, it would be advisable to get a handheld one with a stainless steel frothing wand – this is the ideal one for beginners since it is durable, affordable and easy to use.

Question: What is the difference between frothing and steaming milk?

Answer:Frothing and steaming milk are two different processes that will produce different kinds of milk, to be used in different types of drinks. Even though some might not notice this difference, it is important to understand what sets the two processes apart.

Steamed milk is created by heating milk with a steam wand. It is less dense than frothed milk and may have some foam. On the other hand, frothed milk is made by injecting air into the milk. This air creates small bubbles on top of the milk and gives it the perfect foam for your cappuccinos.

Question: What is the difference between steam wand and Aeroccino frother?

Answer: An Aeroccino automatic milk frother that comes with the Nespresso machine provides a slightly different milk texture than a traditional steam wand. It creates the froth by whisking the milk in a rapid motion, in a heated cup. The foam produced is firm and uniform; however, it is relatively different from what you would find at commercial coffee places. A steam wand requires more skill to use, however, it also gives you room for more customization of the milk according to your drink and preferences. You may think of it as manual vs. automatic transmission.

Question: How to Steam Milk for Barista Coffee?

Answer: To steam milk for your perfect cup of barista coffee, you need to first pour the milk into a jug, halfway to the top. The next step is called ‘milk stretching’. This happens when you put in the nozzle of the wand just below the surface of the milk to create a micro-form. This step typically lasts about five seconds in total before the milk has a nice, even froth on top of it.

The next step is called ‘milk spinning’ or creating the milk ‘whirlpool’. Here you will insert the wand into the milk a little more and continue to spin in a whirlpool motion. You might want to tilt your milk container a bit to get the best results. Keep spinning until the milk reaches the desired temperature. Let the milk sit for a while before you begin your barista style coffee art.

Question: How to Make a Latte without an Espresso Machine?

Answer: You don’t need a fancy coffee machine to make the perfect cup of latte at home. All you need is a simple milk frothing wand and you are all set. The first step is to get the milk to the right temperature. Generally speaking, you would want to heat milk to 150ºF, soy milk to 140ºF and almond milk to 130ºF. You can use a thermometer.

The next step is to pour the milk into a container and place the frothing wand just an inch or so below the surface of milk. Make sure you have enough room in the container to adjust the foam. Turn the wand on and move it in an up-and-down motion near the milk surface. This process may take as long as 30-45 seconds and your latte is ready.

Question: Can this frother be used as a travel milk frother on a trip?

Answer: Yes, this frother can be taken along with you while travelling to make amazing coffee on the go. Thanks to its compact and portable design, the handheld milk frother makes for an ideal travel companion for coffee aficionados. Since it is battery operated, you don’t need to worry about plugging it in – all you need to do is carry a backup pair of batteries in case you need them. Just be careful with the packing of the frother, since you don’t want the wand to bend in the luggage.

Question: What is the best portable milk frothing device when travelling?

Answer: When travelling, it is important to keep portability and ease of use in mind for milk frothers. You don’t want to carry a highly automated and heavy piece of machinery with you for just a few days or weeks of travel. So a high-tech espresso machine is a complete no-no. What you should carry instead is a simple handheld milk frother, that operates on batteries and is easy to fit into your luggage. Being battery operated would ensure that you don’t need to worry about electricity and the highly portable design would make it easy to carry and use anywhere you go.